About Us

About FT Suits

In an environment in which retail is dominated by large, big box stores and franchise chains, FT Suits has managed to not only stay alive but thrive. Why? Because we focus on quality, modern contemporary style, and a great in-store experience.

Some think the in-person experience is not as convenient as online shopping, but that convenience only lasts until you get your shirt or suit in the mail and try it on for the first time only to find out it doesn’t fit you well. When you buy anything from FT Suits, you’ll leave the store well-tailored and knowing you look good in what you purchased.

Also, one last point… we’ve been known for quality suits and formal wear for years, but we’re a lot more than that. Our selection includes high-quality shoes, belts, ties, hats dress shirts for business or for a night on the town, dressy casual wear, and any type of attire you would ever need.

Drop by the store and take a look around, I’m confident you will not be disappointed. 

Farhad Tahery

Owner, FT-Suits
Located in the Antioch Mall